Lightroom Presets Review

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Love all my presets!
"I have many different sets of their presets and they really enhance my photos!"
Melody M.
"Absolutely love it!"
Cassidy H.
PP Fan Faves
"How excited I was to get the opportunity to purchase this set! Sometimes you just want a couple of presets from every other set but you don’t necessarily need the whole thing! This is exactly what this Fan Faves set has done. Thank you PP for bringing it back for us newbies! You guys make editing so much fun!"
Stacey G.
"Love the tools offered to make editing go faster and allow for a quick turn around to clients."
Mary S.
Gorgeous presets!!
"I love this collection so much! It is my go to when I want a nice moody edit."
Toni S.
Fan Faves Limited Edition Collection
Jessica C.
The Clean Edit Collection
"Pretty Presets you never dissapoint! I am in complete love with the new collection! Super easy one click presets, they work great for any edit style! Thank you for creating the most amazing presets!💕"
Perla S.
Love these!
"Love these!"
Melissa S.
Baby Bella Presets
"I am enjoying the presets and brushes. They will defiantly be used. So glad I made the purchase."
Dawn G.
Bomb pop and enchanted
"Love all these presets and the brushes!!!!! I’m dying over how wonderful the enchanted brushes are and how easy they are to use!!!"
Leslieann C.
"Not sure how I lived without these! Great addition to Lightroom presets"
Melissa J.
"I’ve bought presets from other businesses and none of them compare to Pretty Presets! Always my number one!"
Meghan G.
Will ALWAYS chooses Pretty Presets!
"Never disappointed! LOVE LOVE LOVE!"
Meghan G.
Whoops I love it again
"I already purchased it over a year ago and it's my go to for most of my photos. I asked advice for getting green grass and someone suggested the enchanted garden brush so I quickly purchased it. Love the brush though. I had forgotten about it."
Amanda S.
Bella Baby
"My laptop crashed so I lost ALL my presets. I have purchase so so many to get some back. The best by far of all my presets are Bella Baby! I am in love with them!"
Marilyn R.
Fan Faves Limited Edition
"What a great to have all my fav presets at my sleep.It makes editing a breeze..really love this collection and I have added some of my own to this collection which makes my editing even faster . Nas."
Nasroullah D.
Fabulous so so lovely
"Absolutely love my pretty presets they are my go to xx"
Bec P.
Great intro!
"I purchased this as my first preset bundle ever and it’s been so great! It’s a nice I tro because it covers all the different styles you could want and let’s you play to find your own groove. Great buy!"
Best Presets Ever!!!
"So happy with my purchase. Will definitely buy from Pretty Presets again. All their presets brings magic to my work... Would highly recommend to all my photographer out there."
Kareennil B.
Fan Faves
"Love the Presets! Black Thorn is one of my favorites!"
Heidi E.
Simple and Clean
"I like the Bella Baby presets because it's a simple click and a few adjustments and my editing is done. I find that the classic clean preset matches up with how I initially edit my images and is a time saver. Then if I desire to put a more creative flare onto my images there are several other options to choose from within the set."
Laura P.
Enchanted Garden pretty pastels bundle
"Absolutely gorgeous. I am re editing old phoyos and finding new magic. It is impossible to pick a favorite and viewing the same image with different presets feels like a totally different image it is so hard to pick a favorite, luckily I do not have to!"
Chelsea S.
Newbie Time Saver
"As a newbie in photography and using light room this has been amazing! I spent hours trying to get a feel for a my first wedding shoot. I finally caved and bought the Bohemian presets and so happy that I did! I will be buying from Pretty Presets again!"
I have two little boys
"I have two little boys and have been looking for ways to speed up my editing, and pretty presets are by far the best way to do it! Beautiful presets! Thank you."
Brittany M.
Pretty Film: Pastels Collection
"Pretty Presets always has something for everyone. The Pastels collection is helping me experiment with a different look for my finished products. Step outside the box once in a while, try something different, and you will be pleasantly surprised. Pretty Presets are my only editing presets now."
Charmaine H.
"Post production has been so much easier since I started purchasing from Pretty Presets. I truly feel that my photography has been taken to the next level because of it. You really cannot go wrong with any of the presets they have for sale."
Emily M.
Winter Wonderland
"Absolutely brilliant! The help and support are second to none. Well done Pretty Presets"
George M.
Love It
"This has been a great addition to my other pretty preset collection. Photos look amazing when using these presets."
Cw2 w.
"Loved it! So did my clients ;)"
David J.