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Welcome to Pretty Presets!  We're so glad you're here.  I've been blessed to work with the most incredible group of ladies in this industry (I'm not biased at all). Each of these ladies is extremely talented and have joined our team with the passion to serve you.  We all bring different experiences to the table and are so excited to encourage you in your business. Thank you for being here!

Featured in Professional Photographer Magazine, Rangefinder, StoreYa Facebook Page of the Week, creativeLIVE and most recently voted the #1 Family Photography Bloggers of 2013 from Skinny Scoop. Find all the presets we offer to save you time while editing in Lightroom here

Meet Karlen Kleinkopf

Karlen Kleinkopf is my incredible business partner and dear friend. Karlen is a wealth of knowledge on business, marketing and photography.  We've been working together for 6 years and we're looking forward to what the future holds.  You can find her over at Pretty Actions, and Pretty Forum too. 

Meet Amanda Padgett

Amanda Padgett is our Lightroom Instructor here at Pretty Presets and leads our lightroom trainings.  Amanda is the sweetest lady who has such a passion for teaching and encouraging others.  Besides working here at Pretty Presets she has 4 children that she home schools.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to work Amanda!   If you haven't been to one of our trainings, you must come join us.  You'll be so encouraged by Amanda and her unique teaching style.

Meet Gayle Vehar

Gayle Vehar is the Community Organizer and Lightroom Instructor here at Pretty Presets.  Gayle shares incredible tutorials, helpful resources, ebooks and cheat sheets for our community. She is also behind the scenes during our webinars answering your questions.  If that's not enough, she's also a very talented designer and helps put together our notes for our webinars and more! She's a valuable part of this team and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with her each day.

Meet Amy Phipps



Amy Phipps is the talented woman you'll find in our Pretty Presets Facebook Group!  She loves to encourage and inspire others there and through her blog posts at Pretty Presets, too. I can't imagine our group without this woman. She brings so much life, energy and wisdom to our community.  If you haven't had a chance, come meet her in our Pretty Presets private group on Facebook. Amy also operates her own photography business out of Stockton, California. 



Meet Anna Gay

I met Anna Gay while trying to find someone amazing to write an article for us at Pretty Forum.  I fell in love with her unique style of writing and was excited when she agreed to write for us.  Anna is so talented and one of the kindest ladies you could meet.  I am so thankful for her and for the opportunity to share her talent (writing) with you!


I'd love to meet you!  Click here to learn more about how Pretty Presets started.