Snapshots vs. Virtual Copies: When and Why to Use Each One

These two things get mixed up in Lightroom all the time.  Today I want to tackle what each of them are why you should use each one. You can watch the video or follow along with the text below! Snapshots A Lightroom Snapshot is a way to save a moment in time during editing.  For instance, I might have completed a nice, clean edit of a photo—one that I think I will show to a client—and then save it as a Snapshot. Creating a Snapshot allows you to play around and be creative and still be able to easily go.. - Continue Reading

Photographing Your Kids: Tips for Taking Better Photographs of Your Kids and Family

We're so excited to share this NEW e-Book all about photographing your kids! I know so many of you have kids, nieces, nephews or grandchildren that you'd like to capture as a professional photographer or hobbyist. The e-Book will encourage you to capture these children through your camera and keep the moments for years to come.  Learn how you can capture those everyday moments and the love between siblings and family. This e-Book also shares more about the lighting you'll want for your images and the gear you'll need.  Enjoy learning more about photographing your kids in this amazing download.. - Continue Reading

Spring Into Action Giveaway - $875 Value!

We're so excited for spring and want to equip you with the brand new "Esther" Kelly Moore Bag ($199 Value), a $150 Shopping Spree to Pretty Presets for Lightroom, a Lifetime Membership to Rock The Shot ($175 value) and a 50mm 1.4 lens for a Nikon or Canon (up to $350 value).   We think this fantastic "Spring Into Action" package will help you jump right into your spring sessions! And, we've made it easy to enter through Rafflecopter below.  This giveaway ends Tuesday, the 11th of March at midnight MST. Thanks for being here! Congratulations to Amy Williams Photography.. - Continue Reading

Top 9 iPhone Apps for Time Management

As business owners, we know how hard it is to be your own boss. The most difficult thing is managing your time in order to get things done successfully. Here are nine apps that can help make your valuable time more successful! These first five are list managers. Each one is a little bit different and will help in different ways. Try them out and see which one works best for your process. 1. If you like writing out your list completely and then concentrating on my task at a time, Taasky is going to be the one for you... - Continue Reading

Ask the Accountant, Part 2: Taxes, Write-Offs, and a Pile of Receipts

For part two of the series, I sat down with Karen Schultz of CKS Accounting Services, LLP and asked her all those burning photography-related accounting questions that I know you’re all curious about. Wonder no more, my friends!  Check out the first part of this series here.  1. What are the pros and cons of paying taxes annually versus quarterly? The IRS says if you don’t have 100% of your prior year’s taxes paid in during the current year, you’ll be penalized. For instance, if your tax bill in 2011 was $1,000, you need to have $1,000 paid by the.. - Continue Reading

5 Tips for Perfecting your Portrait Workflow

It brings me great pleasure to announce that we are offering another FREE Lightroom webinar. Come learn all about perfecting your workflow in Lightroom with Amanda Padgett, our Lightroom Instructor, here at Pretty Presets. We'll be sharing tips to help you work more efficiently in Lightroom.  1. Have fun and take notes!  It's a wonderful class and we hope you learn some exciting tips that will save you time while editing in Lightroom.   2. If you DO NOT have Lightroom yet please know you can still join us! Go here and download the free trial version of Lightroom they offer. Then.. - Continue Reading

5 Tips For A Successful Photography Career

One question that I am often asked by new photographers, and a question that we have been asked here in our online community is “how does a person develop a successful photography career?”  Needless to say, this question has an infinite amount of answers, and an infinite amount of variables. I’ll do my best to unpack this question based on my own experience, as well as the experience of my colleagues in the photography sphere.  1. Define Success Defining your idea of success early-on will help you set goals, and take steps towards achieving them. The word “success” will be.. - Continue Reading

Top 9 iPhone Apps for Photographers

Chances are, you have a smart phone. It can be one of the best tools to keep your business under control and be able to keep things under control! 1. The first app is one of the most underrated apps that come included automatically with your iPhone. The Photos App is a great way to have a portfolio at your beck and call at anytime. Some of the best opportunities to market to future clients can be at times when you aren't able to have a full on portfolio with you. I also use it to load the slideshow for.. - Continue Reading

10 Ways To Maximize Your Lightroom Experience

Come learn more about Lightroom with Amanda Padgett, our Lightroom Instructor, here at Pretty Presets. We'll be sharing tips to help you maximize your experience in Lightroom. We are here to help you work smarter, not harder. Please come hang out with us on Sunday night!   1. Keywords 2. Collections  3. Metadata filters 4. Target adjustment tool 5. Adjustment brushes 6. Presets 7. Snapshots 8. Syncing  9. Exporting with presets 10. Smart Collections Want to learn more? We now offer a Lightroom 101 e-Guide available in our store and it's currently only $14!  Enjoy 32-pages all about using Lightroom.. - Continue Reading

Ask the Accountant, Part 1: the How and Why of Hiring a Professional

April 15th will be here before you know it. If the thought of taxes and business finances sends you into a cold sweat, then now’s the perfect time to finally take control of your finances and do yourself a favor by hiring an accountant. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Karen Schultz of CKS Accounting Services, LLP. Being that I’m a photographer (and not particularly money-savvy), I had a bazillion questions to ask. For part one of the series, we’ll tackle the basics and what to look for when hiring your own professional accountant. 1. What are.. - Continue Reading

Free Offer from GrooveBook - My Favorite New App

I have a couple questions for you.  I think I already know the answers, though.   Do you want to print your images from your phone?  Are you interested in having 100 photos sent to you in a book each month?  Did I mention your first book is free?!  After that, it's only $2.99 and that includes shipping.   Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows. I'm always excited to see the new products or services people have created and to hear about their journey.  You can imagine my excitement when this product was introduced.  This solved a problem.. - Continue Reading

A Creative Edit: From Drab to Fab

I took this photo last year on a very overcast day.  The lighting was very flat and a little “less than exciting.”  Sometimes those “less than exciting” photos are the perfect candidate for a creative Lightroom edit.  Today, I wanted to share a creative edit on this photo to give it a little extra flair. You can watch the video or follow along with the screenshots below.  Step 1 I first applied the Bejeweled V2 Preset from Pretty Presets Fine Art Film Collection.  I love this preset.  Tip: The Fine Art Film Collection also has lots of nice black and.. - Continue Reading