Free Client Tracker Worksheet for Photographers

Free Client Tracker It's a new year and we're here to help you get started off on the right foot!  This is a great tool to have to help keep your clients sessions and orders organized. Click "Add to Cart" below to download it for free. Happy New Year! Includes: Client Name Referred By Session Date Contract Signed Amount Paid Client's Order Amount Due Date Delivered Thank You Sent Referral Name(s)   - Continue Reading

Tax Deductible Expenses for Photographers

You’re looking at your calendar in disbelief. Where did 2013 go?! You’ve been so focused on gifts for the kids, wrapping paper, Christmas cookies, holiday parties, and family gatherings that the last month of the year slipped by you like a teenager trying to sneak quietly into the house past curfew. Next up on your business to-do list? The dreaded 5-letter word: TAXES. Here are four tips to help you maximize those last-minute business deductions in this last week of the year: Timing is Everything One of the most common mistakes I see small business owners make is that they.. - Continue Reading

$19 Holiday Limited Edition Collection - LIMITED TIME!

Get the Holiday Limited Edition Collection from Pretty Presets for Lightroom at a 53% savings.  This set includes 12 of our most popular Pretty Presets for JPEG and RAW images!  This set includes 12 of our most popular Pretty Presets for Lightroom 4-5.  Plus, we've included 5 additional bonus brushes for you as well. Enjoy this awesome collection and get a taste of some of most popular sets.  There are 12 presets included and 5 bonus brushes. These will work in Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 5.  View them here! If you are interested in Lightroom 4-5, please click here. If you are interested.. - Continue Reading

Customizing Your Presets

 Whether it is adding a bit of your own flair or working the preset to look it’s best on your images, knowing how to customize your presets can come in really handy and it is really simple to do. 
 1. Figure Out What Panels/Settings the Preset Uses to Create the Effect. When you click on a preset to apply it to your photo, flip through the panels on the right and notice where the changes were made. 
 2. Begin Playing Around with the Settings. Begin adjusting the settings.  Don’t worry if you adjust something and things go.. - Continue Reading

Easy Photography Gifts with Two-Day Shipping

CK Products 3-Inch 3-D Camera Chocolate Mold.  Such a great gift for anyone who loves photography and chocolate!  A great gift at $6. Thumbs Up Camera Lens Shot Glasses, Set of 3. Drink in style with these glasses.  Did I mention there were three?  This makes a great a great gift, too! A great gift for three people if you wanted at $22.   SanDisk Connect 32GB Wireless Flash Drive.  This is an amazing tool that is sure to save you time!  Check out all the benefits it can offer you.  It starts at $49 for 16GB and $59 for 32GB.  DIY.. - Continue Reading

"Let It Snow" Brush and Action Set for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

Add fun and creativity to your images with our BRAND NEW "Let it Snow" Brush and Actions Set from Photographer Depot! The "Let it Snow" Actions will help you create beautiful winter images using REAL SNOW textures that are incorporated into our set!! Create your winter wonderland masterpiece by starting with one of our winter tone actions.  Then choose a variety of instant snow actions from a light snowfall to a heavy snow shower. You can customize your image by using one of the snow brushes that you can resize to perfectly fit your image. Add in a touch of snow haze.. - Continue Reading

5 Things You May Not Know About Me

Before I even begin... I want to encourage you to get a professional picture of yourself for your business and another of your family. We had our first family pictures, after seven years of marriage and kids, just last year.  We have now had two years of family pictures and it has been such a blessing!  Trade with another photographer or encourage another photographer with scheduling a session with them.  I can't put a value on our pictures, they really are priceless.  Special thanks to Angela from Timeless Photography for being an amazing photographer and friend!   1. I enjoy.. - Continue Reading

Personal Care Tips for Photographers

So, you’ve booked your first wedding or big event to shoot – yay, congrats! Now, in order to make the most of the day and to take amazing photos for your clients, you actually need to take care of you. Once you get your batteries charged and cameras/lenses ready, take a little time to get yourself ready, too. I remember the first time I photographed a wedding, I was absolutely astonished by how much work it was. Sure, going into it I knew it was going to be physically challenging, but I really had no idea. Below are just a.. - Continue Reading

7 Tips to Capturing the Details

As photographers, we love the holidays because they provide us with plenty of photo opportunities. A challenge that we face as photographers in any situation is capturing the essence of an event, whether it be a wedding, a 90th birthday celebration, or the holidays. Just like you would photograph the details at a wedding in order to capture the feeling of the day, photographing the details at the holidays works much the same! Here are a few tips to get your started this holiday season:  The Decorations  The most obvious place to start with details? The decorations, of course! The most.. - Continue Reading

How to use your HD Video on your DSLR

Many of today’s DSLRs have an HD video function, which can be an added bonus in capturing important moments in your life, or just a fun feature to play around with. Here is a quick, very basic tutorial on how to operate the video function on the Canon 5D Mark ii. (Don't forget to check out the Canon 5D Mark iii, too. It has been on sale here, up to $700 off.) Once you have powered on, set your camera to Manual mode. You can either set your lens to Auto or Manual focus. I like to set mine to Manual,.. - Continue Reading

Lighting On The Go

When I first became interested in experimenting with off-camera flash, I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of information I found online, and didn’t even know where to begin! While off-camera flash techniques are many and varied, I thought I would share the way in which I put together my first studio lighting setup, in the hopes that it will help some of you figure out how to go about creating your own set up. Like I said, there are plenty of options out there, but this is a good solution if you already have a flash for your camera... - Continue Reading

4 Free Christmas Cards

It's that time of year already!  I can't get over how time has flown by.  Here are four Christmas cards for you.  You can use these for your personal use or if you want to send out a business greeting they will work great, too.  There are four fun options for you.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas!  Thank you for being here.  Free Christmas Cards from Pretty Presets Do you have a Christmas card for your business yet?  If not, we would love to help you out.  Here are four different options for you.  You can use these for your business.. - Continue Reading